Three suspected poachers arrested in Nyungwe

Three suspected poachers arrested in Nyungwe
28-02-2018 | By RPN | Hit 398 | Comment

Three people were arrested on February 26, in Nyungwe National Park, where they were carrying out poaching activities.

Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Innocent Gasasira, the police spokesperson for the Western region confirmed the development.

CIP Gasasira said the trio was apprehended during an operation in Nyungwe conducted jointly by Rwanda National Police (RNP) and Rwanda Development Board (RDB).

He identified the suspects as Innocent Nzasengimana, 24, Papias Ngerageze, 23, and Claver Shumbusho, 23, all residents of Bweyeye Sector.

“At the time of their arrest, they had killed two antelopes. They were caught with the meat, skins and heads of the killed antelopes,” CIP Gasasira said.

“We also confiscated traditional tools that the trio was doing to poach animals including in trapping nets, spears, and several bows and arrows,” he said.

He thanked the people, who tipped off the police on the illegal hinting activities.

“The arrest of these three suspects should serve as a warning and deterrent to other potential poachers” he added.

Under article 416 of the penal code, anyone caught in poaching activities, if convicted, faces an imprisonment of up to two years and or a fine of Rwf 2.000.000.

The suspects were still being profiled to see whether they could be linked to similar previous crimes‚ police said.

Despite this specific case, CIP Gasasira said poaching cases declined following intense patrols in national parks in the country.

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