Police foil hardware robbery

Police foil hardware robbery
6-04-2017 | By RPN | Hit 191 | Comment

Police in Gasabo District, yesterday at around 2am, thwarted a robbery attempt at hardware shops at Kinamba in Gisozi Sector.

The Central Region Police Spokesperson, Supt. Emmanuel Hitayezu, said that the foiled break-in was a response to a call by a passerby "reporting a robbery in progress"

"The crackdown force responded to the call and indeed they found a robbery in progress. The suspects, one identified as Illdephonse Bizumukiza and his accomplice had broken into one of the hardware shops belonging to Isaac Bizimana and were at the time loading the valuables in his (Bizumukiza) pickup vehicle RAA 184 J," said Supt. Hitayezu.

"Detecting the force, they attempted to run away, which prompted a shooting. One suspect escaped while Bizumukiza was shot in the process," he added. Bizumukiza succumbed to fatal injuries.

Supt. Hitayezu said that search for the second suspect who fled is still underway.

"So far, preliminary investigations have established that the suspects went through Bizimana’s ceiling and were bound to access the other six shops on the same building. They had forged keys of Bizimana’s shop but that day; Bizimana had added a padlock while closing his shop. The suspects pricked the door and used an iron bar to break the padlock and gained access to the shop," said Hitayezu

"We thank vigilant citizens that hurriedly called for police intervention and we urge the public to always call the police whenever they witness anything suspicious to facilitate quick intervention," said Hitayezu

Meanwhile the vehicle that was being used in the robbery is impounded at Kacyiru Police Station as investigations continue.

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