Motorcyclists, cyclists form five anti-crime clubs

Motorcyclists, cyclists form five anti-crime clubs
6-04-2017 | By RPN | Hit 250 | Comment

Over 800 commercial motorcyclists and bicycle operating in Huye and Rutsiro districts have created five anti-crime clubs as an effective community policing means to fight and prevent unlawful tendencies.

The clubs established separately, according to members, are aimed and facilitating their coordinated efforts in sensitizing members of the public to desist from any unlawful tendencies.

While launching the clubs in Huye, the District Police Commander, Supt. Jean Marie Vianney Karegeya lauded the initiative and pledged Rwanda National Police support to achieve their set objectives.

The DPC reminded them that to conduct their businesses freely “but within the confinements of the law”

“You have been our partners in crime prevention but this time, we have no doubt your performance will be tremendous. Rwanda National Police is committed to support you with all means possible to ensure that we collectively achieve our overall goal of ensuring a crime-free society,” noted Supt. Karegeya

He said their plans are fully in conformity with RNP goals which aim at involving the community into having security activities to reassure a crime free society.

Supt Karegeya commended them also for agreeing to extend their anti-crime activities to their clients.

He said that “some criminals like drug traffickers tend to use your services to commission crime, which you should fight and repprt such people.”

He also used the same occasion to urge them to abide by traffic rules saying that, “being part of ensuring safety means respecting road safety signs and riding responsibly.”

There are 64 anti-crime clubs in Rutsiro and 32 in Huye.

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