Huye: Two suspected motorcycle thieves arrested

Huye: Two suspected motorcycle thieves arrested
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Police in Huye District is holding two men, who were arrested attempting to steal and sell-off a motorcycle.
Vincent Ngiruwigize, 44, and Gaetan Kabuto, 56, were arrested on February 28 in Nyarurembo Village, Gitwa Cell in Tumba Sector.

Investigations indicate Kabuto had been contracted by his boss to use the motorcycle in taxi-moto business. However, Kabuto allegedly connived with Ngiruwigize to sell the motorcycle registration number TVS RD 667Z, which was also recovered.

According to Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Emmanuel Kayigi, Police received information about people, who were selling a motorcycle but suspected a foul play.

“What is clear, the rightful owner of the motorcycle, who hails from Byumba in Gicumbi District, was not aware that his motorcycle was being sold. A person, who knew the owner of the motorcycle, saw Ngiruwigize and Kabuto selling it and he immediately called the police but also informed the would-be victim,” CIP Kayigi said.

“Police officers were dispersed, they arrested Ngiruwigize and Kabuto after signing a sale agreement and receiving Rwf1.2 million from the would-be buyer,” he added.

The duo is currently detained at Ngoma Police station.

“People should be vigilant when buying. In this case, for example, the buyer didn’t even bother to cross-check if the motorcycle was written in the names of the person selling or take a step further to be very sure that he was in legal deals,” Kayigi said.

The arrest of the duo comes less than two weeks after another man was also arrested in Kigali stealing a motorcycle using a master-key.

Police stepped up operations against motorcycle theft, with about 15 suspected thieves arrested since the beginning of this year. At least all the 14 motorcycles reported to Police as stolen during the same period, were also recovered.

The federation of motorcycle cooperatives in Rwanda – FERWACOTAMO – is currently mobilizing its members to install a GPS in their motorcycles, which they say it will partly help to track down the whereabouts of the stolen motorcycles.

Currently there are about 55, 000 commercial motorcyclists across the country with over 13700 of them operating in the City of Kigali.

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