Gicumbi: Students tipped on dangers of abusing drugs

Gicumbi: Students tipped on dangers of abusing drugs
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The awareness to fight the trafficking, sell and abuse of illicit drugs in Gicumbi District continued in schools where students adopted various strategies to add a voice in combating the vice.

In Groupe Scolaire Byumba-Nyange, over 1, 000 students were enlightened on the consequences of abusing drugs including driving them out of school, turning them criminals like thieves, luring them into sexual malpractices that leads to unwanted pregnancies and contracting HIV/AIDS as well as other health complications.

During the meeting, Assistant Inspector of Police (AIP) Alphonse Karekezi, the District Community Liaison Officer (DCLO) of Gicumbi reminded them to focus on their future through education.

“Drug abuse has devastating effects on both lives and could hamper your performance in school or force you to drop out of school. By consuming these drugs you are poisoning yourselves,” AIP Karekezi said.

He urged them to join efforts and report drug dealers. Gicumbi is mapped as one of the drug trafficking routes especially banned illicit gin.

It is said that some cases of heart, liver, kidney and mental problems have been attributed to abuse of narcotic drugs.

The young people constitute the majority affected by drugs.

Students of Groupe Scolaire Byumba-Nyange also formed an anti-drugs club through which they will be debating and raising awareness against the vice said to be the major factor undermining youth development in the country.

Currently, there are about 2,000 Anti-Crime Clubs majority schools.

Jackson Mukunzi, a Senior Five student at Groupe Scolaire Byumba-Nyange thanked the Police for the educative messages and urged fellow students to be security agents in their communities by reporting drug dealers.

“We need to make good use of this club that we have formed to add a voice in addressing the issue of illicit drugs that has affected some of our colleagues,” Mukunzi said.

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