ADEPR hold crusade against illicit drugs

ADEPR hold crusade against illicit drugs
4-04-2017 | By RPN | Hit 336 | Comment

The Association of Pentecostal Churches in Rwanda (ADEPR) has come out to strongly preach against trafficking, sell and use of illicit drugs and to supplement ongoing efforts against the vice in the country.

The ADEPR church held a crusade at Rushubi Parish in Musanze District on April 2, dedicated to raising awareness and call for ownership in fighting narcotic drugs in their respective communities.

It comes at the time when Rwanda National Police (RNP) is actively engaged in activities aimed at breaking chains of supply through awareness campaigns and operations.

The ADEPR Church focused on averting the trend especially among the youth, the majority affected and involved.

Common drugs classified as narcotics in Rwanda include cannabis, crispy khat (mairungi), gins like kanyanga, waragis packed in banned plastic bags such as zebra, chief, host, kitoko, kick and blue sky, and other locally distilled brew made out fertilizers, sugarcane residues, burned bricks, water and tea leaves.

While speaking to about 1200 people, who attended the crusade, Pastor Gaspard Semajeri of Rushubi parish, told the congregation that fearing God binds everyone to also fight anything that tarnishes the image of mankind including narcotic drugs.

“Building our country requires building resourceful generation. Our children are being wasted and destroyed by drugs, and this falls in our responsibilities to support the police efforts to prevent anything that can affect the young generation from getting wasted, which can also be disastrous for the future of this nation,” Pastor Semajeri said.

“As the ADEPR church, we have dedicated ourselves to fighting drugs among other crimes. Preventing crimes in among the priorities of the church, and we want members to equally convey the message and make it their responsibility if all combined efforts are to be successful to transform our generation,” he added.

“We are praying and enjoying our country because it’s safe and secure, and that challenges us all to sustain it by preventing what can cause it like illicit drugs.”

Inspector of Police (IP) Viateur Ntiyamira, the District Community Liaison Officer (DCLO) of Musanze, commended the role faith-based organizations play in raising awareness against crime.

“Any person caught trafficking, selling or consuming illicit drugs is imprisoned plus other penalties, and seized drugs destroyed. This is a double loss to the person who could have invested the money into legal ventures, and the dependants; children who will now have to survive without parents or the youth who are supposed to be in school,” IP Ntiyamira said.

He appealed to the congregation to continue with the spirit and drive the agenda of ensuring a drug-free country.

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