Do what you know is right for your country, President Kagame

Do what you know is right for your country, President Kagame
2-03-2018 | By Karegeya Jean Baptiste | Hit 307 | Comment

While closing the 15th National Leadership Retreat, the President called on new and young public servants to resist attempts meant to discourage them or slow them down, towards doing what they know is right for their country.

To illustrate, President Kagame advised the half-year in action PM, Dr Edouard Ngirente to resist on his rigorous way of doing. “They will be telling you’re new comer in office, you don’t know how things are manipulated, please resist against them”, said Kagame, assuming some government staff feel senior to misguide others.

This four-day leadership retreat, known as Umwiherero brought together about 300 senior officials from Central and Local Government, parastatals and the private sector. Speaking at the closing of the retreat, President Kagame also pointed out that the key to transformation is harnessing the strength of culture.

Among the strengths of those who have attained development are humility and hard work. Professionalism should be a habit among leaders if we want to get the results we want. The effort must be collective. There should be consequences for those who try to discourage these efforts,” President Kagame said.

Umwiherero 2018 discussions focused on urbanization and competitiveness, improved quality of education and health services, the fight against corruption and foreign policy.

At this year’s retreat, Rwandan leaders devised ways to help accelerate the implementation of the remainder of 2020 and the first four years of Vision 2050.
Umwiherero is an annual gathering where Rwandan leaders reflect on the country’s progress, and strategize on accelerating delivery of national priorities. The retreat, took place at the Rwanda Defence Combat Training Centre in Gabiro, Gatsibo district in Eastern province, from Feb 26th to March 1st, 2018.

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