TNSP LTD: 5 Years of Telecom Success Story to tell

TNSP LTD:  5 Years of Telecom Success Story to tell
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Having emerged among the fastest growing telecom markets in Rwanda, Telecom Network Solutions Provider (TNSP Ltd) as Rwandan information Technology Company has now grown in a tremendous way since its launch on 14th June 2014.

During its launch, TNSP Ltd has set itself the will to provide advanced technology in fiber optics and other broadband based services by being service provider of innovative ICT solutions based on:

  • Broadband connectivity that is provided over the largest fiber optic network, wireless P2P and 4G LTE network across Rwanda
  • Other Broadband Value Added Services (VAS) including Video Conferencing, Voice over IP Services, remote CCTV digital cameras.

TNSP Ltd is well positioned to significantly contribute to the realization of Rwanda’s vision of becoming a regional ICT hub. Since then, TNSP Ltd has had significant telecom subscribers in all services it provides. The teledensity too has shown significant increase to cross the telecom market in the last 5 years.

TNSP LTD: A bunch of Multi-Internet Services

With the current advancement in telecommunication, TNSP Ltd offers a lot of internet services. Apart from: Fiber Optic Connectivity, Wireless Broadband (P2P), VPN, WAN/LAN, Voice Over IP Services, Digital Security Cameras, TNSP Ltd offers also Residential Unlimited Plans.

Those plans are Home Broad Band based internet services used at homes. They are divided into 2 categories:

In addition, TNSP Ltd is well known for providing Smartphones internet packages fairly affordable to everyone. Those smartphones packages are unlimited. Indeed, the users of Internet in routers, either fixed and mobile routers have not been forgetten, because internet packages offered by TNSP Ltd are quite enjoyable.

TNSP Ltd has decided to build further on the success of the five last years. Its Management has successfully come together with various initiatives to ensure that the subscribers of TNSP’s services continue to enjoy at maximum.

TNSP Ltd is located at African Union Avenue, Kicukiro, Gratia House (Former Amasezerano Community Banking Building). For more info, +250788310467 and/or +250788306604

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