RwandaAir launches flights to Mumbai

RwandaAir launches  flights to Mumbai
5-04-2017 | By Vincent | Hit 95 | Comment

A RwandAir Boeing 737-800, named Kalisimbi, has taken off from Kigali to Mumbai, India, around 00:40 this morning carrying over 80 passengers

The Boeing 737-800 154 sitter including 16 VIPs has wireless internet and is the first of its kind in Africa.

Starting from today, RwandaAir will fly seven hours direct to Mumbai unlike the past where the aircraft would consecutively land in various countries before reaching India.

Gobena Mikael, the RwandAir Commercial Manager, has told the media that the travel has been cut down from 11 to 7 hours. He explained that it will contribute a lot to business, cooperation and free movement.

“It is of great value to have travel hours reduced withh direct flights to Mumbai,” he said.

He explained that the average travel costs from Kigali- Mumbai has been cut down from USD 1500 and 2000 to USD 600 to execute the performance contract of connecting Africa to other continents.

“This has eased transactions of Indian investors and Rwandans running business in India. I believe RwandaAir is going to accentuate progress of cooperation and business transactions between both countries,” he said.

RwandAir will fly directly to India on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. It will also take off from Mumbai to Kigali on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

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