Mbarara: Fake foreigners ‘sell chapattis on the road’ and call themselves ‘investors’

Mbarara: Fake foreigners ‘sell chapattis on the road’ and call themselves ‘investors’
29-03-2018 | By Karegeya Jean Baptiste | Hit 926 | Comment

Mbarara Mayor, Robert Kakyebezi says fake foreign investors have taken over all urban areas in the country including his own Mbarara, noting that they have mushroomed because they are being protected by the president(Museveni).

“It is a challenge which comes from top. These people register themselves as investors and there is a presidential directive which says that you should not interfere with investors,” he said.

“In Mbarara, business people are companioning and so are those in Jinja and Mbale,” and he adds, “This business of people calling themselves investors when they are selling chapattis on the road needs to stop.”

The story from Chimpreports says that the same Mayor further revealed that the mayors under the Urban Authority Association of Uganda (UAAU) have written to the president (Museveni)asking for guidelines on what should qualify someone to be called an ‘investor’.

“We are not against investors but let an investor be an investor. We have actual investors here like Pearl Dairies, a very big factory accommodating our people. But we don’t want to see a person selling two cars in a bond in Kabwohe and calling himself an investor.”

Government of Uganda has been implored to put a restraint on the inflow of foreigners who come here to engage in small scale businesses.

This call was raised a student at Mbarara University Science and Technology (MUST), during the 8th Annual National Social Security Fund (NSSF) expo held at the University hall on Wednesday.

A third year BAA student, Mr Kahwa expressed concern that many foreigners are taking advantage of the immigration to come to Uganda, disguised as investors, only to start putting pressure on local businesses.

“I am a student who has come from the university, I have started a small business of selling phones but at the same time I am competing with this Indian who has a Shs. 15million shop around town selling the same products for survival; is that an investor really?” he wondered.

Speaking at the event, Mbarara Mayor Robert Kakyebezi backed Kahwa’s concerns, noting that some so-called investors are now engaged in hawking.

Mbarara is one of western districts of Uganda, whose city is located around the road towards Rwanda. It is a native district of the President Museveni, who is from Rwakitura village. This part was belonging to Rwanda before Berlin Conference, the reason why Kinyarwanda speakers and Bahima tribe are found there in a big number.

Jean Baptiste Karegeya

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